NASCAR driver, Clint Bowyer's 1969 Camero

NASCAR driver, Clint Bowyer’s 1969 Camaro

“Great road feel and the best driving camaro I have ever drove.”

— Clint’s Mechanic, Jay Stone
Danny Lawrence, Camero

Danny Lawrence, Camaro

“Drives like a corvette with the C.J.R. Steering.”

— Danny Lawrence, Director of Track Support/Trackside Manager for ECR Engines
Danny Lawrence, Laguna

Danny Lawrence’s Laguna project in progress with C.J.R. Steering

Mitch Gibson, 700 Series

Mitch Gibson, 700 Series

“The rebuilt 700 series gears in my cars gives them a lot better road feel and is like driving a corvette.”

— Mitch Gibson, R.C.R. Sprint Cup Suspension Specialist
Lakey Cornelius, Camero

Lakey Cornelius, Camaro

“This was a 1971 Camaro that I fixed up in late 2008 and early 2009. It was a nice car that had one of C.J.R.’s power steering pumps and also a 14.1 ratio 600 series steering gear. That made the biggest difference in how it drove for sure. It made it feel like a late model Camaro or Corvette. Thanks for what you did to help me with those parts and thanks for being a part of our business here for many, many years.”

— Lakey Cornelius, R.C.R. Parts Manager
Allen Brewer, 1972 Nova

Allen Brewer, 1972 Nova

“We took an original power steering gear and pump from another 1972 Nova with low mileage and made the car feel like driving a corvette. My plan was to restore my car with the power steering gear and pump on the car as it was. I had cleaned it up and painted it and was ready to put it on. When I was doing some work for Ronnie at C.J.R., he asked how my car restoration was going and what kind of steering it was going to have. He said that I needed to let them go through the steering gear and they would give it the feel of a corvette. I gave them my gear and agreed to let them work their magic. Boy am I glad I did! As promised, it steers like a corvette.
I have been working on cars since I was 15 years old and focused mostly on high performance engines and horsepower. I never really gave the steering much though. I thought it was what it was and not much you could do about it. Boy, was I wrong. I will never restore another car and put an original steering box and pump without sending to the great folks at C.J.R. Products! THANK YOU, C.J.R.!”
— Allen Brewer, Mocksville, NC
Eddie Robbins, Corvette

Eddie Robbins’ Corvette in progress with C.J.R. Steering

John Bickford, Bronco

John Bickford, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon’s step-father’s steering on his Bronco by C.J.R.

Jerry Cook, Chevy

Jerry Cook’s, Competition Administrator for NASCAR, Chevy with C.J.R. Steering

1970 Chevelle

1970 Chevelle with C.J.R. steering, custom built by John D. Johnson, owner of Custom Classics and Restorations

Runt Pitman, 1961 Ford Starliner

Runt Pitman’s 1961 Ford Starliner with C.J.R. Steering